Battle at the Boat 111

June 3, 2017

Brian Halquist and the

Emerald Queen Casino

Anyone that has ever been to a fight will hear that styles make fights. While that is certainly most often the case, the style of the battle pitting Mike Gavronski against Quintin Rankin was one that is difficult to describe. There were shifts in style, shifts in momentum and shifts in how each man would try to exert his will.

The pace of the opening round of the fight was quite slow. There were few punches thrown. Gavronski tried to catch Rankin with a long reaching left jab while Rankin tried to catch Gavronski with his right jab. The round was difficult to score though Gavronski may have gained an edge as he was able to land his jab a few times. The pace of the second round was only slightly quicker as again each man looked to catch the other at the end of a jab. Mid round Rankin was able to land his left to Gavronski's chin. Late in the round, after the two men held and pushed each other, the referee brought them together to warn them against such tactics.

Gavronski had a good third round as he was able to close the distance with Rankin, and in doing so he was able to catch Rankin's body more often. Rankin spent much of his time looking to counter punch, and in a round with few punches, he was unable to throw much. There was a lot of holding in the fourth round. Gavronski slowly began to gain some control behind his jab, a punch that he was able to land as the two men were in close.

There were many more punches thrown in the fifth round, though there were not a lot of them that caused damage. As the punches flew, the two men again began to resort to the tactics that earlier received a warning from the referee. That forced the referee to again call time, bring the men together and tell them to fight clean or risk losing points. Rankin scored early in the sixth round when he landed a lead right to Gavronski's head. It took a few moments, but Gavronski gathered his wits, stepped toward Rankin to close the distance, and went back to work landing his jab to Rankin's body.

The seventh round was another close round as the men jumped in toward the other and threw shots before stepping back. Rankin closed the round with another heavy shot to Gavronski's head. Gavronski had his best round in the eighth. He was able to land his left jab, and that set up his right. Gavronski caught Rankin with a few shots to Rankin's head, and late in the round, when Rankin's legs wobbled a bit, it looked as if Gavronski was near to ending the fight. Rankin proved tough and finished the round.

Rankin was able to land some heavy shots in the ninth, a round that saw both men slow their punch output. Rankin was able to move out of Gavronski's reach, and in so doing kept Gavronski from regaining all the momentum he had in the eighth. Much as he had in the eighth, Gavronski controlled the tenth. He landed punches to Rankin's head, and that enabled him to back Rankin in to the corner where Gavronski unleashed a barrage of shots. Rankin had few answers.

At the end of ten rounds the judges scored the fight 97-93; 97-94; and 96-94 all in favor of Gavronski who would claim the unanimous decision win.

Rankin lands a heavy left to Gavronski's head

Gavronski repays Rankin with a left to the head

Reyes right to the body signalled a change in the fight

Andres Reyes and Will Hughes were scheduled to fight a six round welterweight bout. The semi main promised to be action packed as the taller Hughes looked to use his reach and quickness against the tactician and pure fighter in Reyes.

The first round opened with all of the action as promised. Hughes used his reach to catch Reyes coming in and Reyes countered by stepping in and throwing shots at Hughes' lanky body. Both men seemed able to score at will, and neither man appeared to feel the sting of the other's punches. Then Reyes landed a hard and solid right hand to Hughes' body which changed the direction of the round and the fight. From there, Reyes jumped toward Hughes and unleashed a flurry of shots that landed hard and fast. Hughes was unable to answer, and when Reyes landed a right to Hughes' head, Hughes' legs wobbled, he lost his balance and dropped to the canvas. While Hughes did stand, and begged the referee to let him continue, there was no way that could happen. His legs were solidly under him and his eyes were still glazed.

The referee called an end to the fight at 1:59 of the first round and Reyes would score the TKO victory.

The cruiserweight battle between Richard VanSiclen and Justin Milani was a story of men that had taken different routes to this fight. Milani, after an initial win early in 2016 has fought a string of unbeaten fighters. VanSiclen, after his initial win late in 2016 has fought men with losing records. Milani was looking for his second win; VanSiclen was looking for his fourth win.

The opening round was close as Milani was the more aggressive fighter. He threw a number of jabs and backed VanSiclen across the ring. VanSiclen, though on the receiving end of a few punches, calmly defended himself and when openings appeared, he fired back. By the end of the round, VanSiclen had found a rhythm and begun to gain control.

VanSiclen answered the bell for the second round throwing aggressive controlled punches. He was able to land his left and his right. Milani was throwing only his jab, which though effective, was not keeping VanSiclen from coming forward. Near the midpoint of the round VanSiclen backed Milani in to the corner and began to land a number of punches. Milani had no answer. At one point it appeared that the ropes would keep Milani from falling to the canvas. When VanSiclen landed a fierce straight left to Milani's head, Milani dropped to the canvas.

The referee stepped in to stop the fight at 1:53 of the second. VanSiclen would score the TKO win to remain unbeaten.

VanSiclen's left would signal the end for Milani

Green scores with his uppercut

Going in to the night, many ringside predicted that the super lightweight battle pitting Shae Green in his professional debut against Niko McFarland, looking for his first win, would be one of the better fights on the card.

The opening round was fought at a relatively slow pace as each man took the time to get the measure of the other. Green, near the midpoint of the round, began to land his jab and in so doing he gained control for a moment. The round ended with both men trading jabs. McFarland fought a solid second round as he often landed his jab and kept Green moving about the ring.

McFarland had a good third round as well, but Green began to come on as he threw the heavier punches. McFarland's jab scored early, but by round's end, Green had gained control by landing heavy right shots to McFarland's head and body. McFarland looked to be on his way to another good round in the fourth, and when he landed a punch to Green's head, Green lost his mouthpiece. The referee called time so Green could be refitted with his mouthpiece, and the break took some of McFarland's momentum while giving Green a chance to catch his breath. It was all Green for the remainder of the round as he took control throwing effective combinations.

At the end of four rounds, the two judges scored the fight 39-37 and the third scored it 40-36 all for Green would would claim the win in his debut as a professional.

Kevin Torres and Jesse Barich stepped in to the ring for a scheduled four round super welterweight bout. Barich was looking for his initial win; Torres planned to add his second win.

There was an abundance of action to answer the opening bell. Barich stepped to Torres and landed his jab fairly often, mostly due to having a longer reach. Torres began to move away from Barich's left, and making that move meant that he had an avenue to land his jab and could follow it with his right. Just prior to the one minute mark, Torres landed a heavy left hand to Barich's head, and while that slowed Barich, it did not stop him. Torres then landed a heavy shot to Barich's body. that shot did hurt Barich, and he was slowed. When Torres followed up with another heavy body shot, Barich dropped to his knees. While he wanted to continue, the referee decided against that and called an end to the fight.

Torres would score the TKO win at 1:24 of the first round for his second win.




Torres' right to Barich's head would lead to the fight's end

Tampos' right catches Cronkhite's head


The 20th Anniversary of the Battle of the Boat series opened with a four round fight featuring Jacob Tampos, making his debut, and Eric Cronkhite, looking for his first win.

Tampos showed that he was the more skilled boxer in the first round as he was able to land his jab and follow that with a right. He scored with shots to the head and body. As the round closed, Cronkhite backed Tampos in to the corner and landed scoring punches. Tampos fought a solid second round though at a slower pace than the opener. Tampos' primary weapon was his left, which he landed to Cronkhite's head. Cronkhite too was able to score behind a straight left jab.

The two men exchanged punches early in the third round, then as the round neared the midpoint, Tampos landed a right to Cronkhite's head that staggered him and knocked him backwards. Tampos was unable to follow up, and Cronkhite survived the round. Again at the close of the Cronkhite came on strong. Tampos threw fewer punches in the fourth round, and that meant that Cronkhite was able to find some openings to land shots.

At the end of four rounds two judges scored the fight 40-36, the third scored it 39-37 all in favor of Tampos who would claim the unanimous decision win in his professional debut.


The Emerald Queen Ring Card Girls.


Battle at the Boat 112 will take place on September 9th


Some of the dignitaries and guests in attendance to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Battle of the Boat series, all happening under the guidance of promotor Brian Halquist (center)