Steve Forbes at the Jackson Armory

in Portland, Oregon

December 9, 2017

Steve Forbes and 2 Pound Sports

Marquis Weston continued to exhibit his skill as a fighter and his ability to adjust to another fighter's style as he faced Armando Ancona in the seven round main event.

Neither man appeared to anxious to engage the other in the opening round. Weston was the busier fighter as he threw more punches. He was able to pin Ancona on the ropes late in the round and land some heavy body shots. Ancona had opportunities in the second round, but he did not fire the punches when the chances came. Weston again worked Ancona on the ropes and punished his body. As the round drew to a close, Weston landed a hard right that caught Ancona on the head and stung him.

Ancona finally opened up some in the third round. he was able to let his hands go, and when he could get close to Weston he was able to land shots to Weston's body. Weston however still controlled much of the action, and his body shot were starting to take a toll on Ancona. Ancona spent much of the fourth round covering up to avoid Weston's relentless body shots.

The fifth round ended with Ancona on the ropes and Weston landing punches at will. Ancona was slow to answer, and had he not thrown a few punches, the referee might have signalled an end to the fight. The pace of the sixth round slowed as Ancona worked to regain his strength and Weston moved to find opportunities to add to the damage he had been piling n Ancona.

Weston closed out the fight in the manner he had employed in the previous rounds. he jabbed and fired his right at Ancona's body. Ancona tried to answer with some big punches, but they fell short.

After seven rounds, all three judges agreed and scored the fight 60-63 for Weston who would claim the unanimous decision victory.

Weston's right is about to catch Ancona's body

Late in the fight Ancona landed his right

Norwood catches Ballard with his left

James Ballard and Britton Norwood squared off in a six round heavyweight battle. With only one loss between them, this fight promised to be interesting and entertaining.

The dominant feature early in the fight was holding. The men, when they stepped in close, leaned and held until asked to break. Norwood was able to throw more punches, and when there was separation, he scored. Both men were warned regarding the holding in the second round. However, in this round when the men were in close they threw short tight punches. Ballard was able to land to Norwood's head, but Norwood was crafty and made the adjustment to move out of Ballard's reach.

Norwood's ability to keep Ballard reaching by stepping to his outside began to shift the fight to Norwood's favor in the third. Ballard was not able to get close to the crafty southpaw. Nearing the two minute mark Norwood landed a flurry of punches as the men were in close. Ballard went down, though the referee ruled it a slip and the fight continued. Norwood kept the pressure on Ballard and as he drove him across the ring, he landed another series of body shots and a final punch to Ballard's head that dropped Ballard hard to the canvas.

Ballard was counted out and Norwood scored the KO win at 2:58 of the third.

One must start by acknowledging that Jesse Barich has courage to step in to face Nicholas Jefferson, a man whose pedigree is quite impressive.

Jefferson answered the opening bell and showed that he was quicker and stronger than Barich. Jefferson's quick jab opened a cut under Barich's left eye. Jefferson then scored a knockdown behind ferocious body shots. Barich rose to continue. Jefferson score a second knockout, again with hard and quick body shots. Barich was up at the referee's count of 9, but his legs were not steady, causing the referee to call an end to the fight at 1:24 of the opening round.

Jefferson would claim his third win, all of them coming by way of the knockout.

Jefferson's right would open a cut under Barich's eye

Russell's right catches Hernandez' body

Marco Russell and Oscar Hernandez faced each other in one of the more entertaining and technically interesting fights on the card. The men were well matched as Hernandez had the advantage in reach, while Russell carried more sting in his punches.

The opening round was even early as both men were able to land jabs and move to create opportunities. Russell landed a big shot at the midpoint of the round to turn the momentum in his favor. Hernandez had a good second round as he threw more punches. Despite that, the score was kept close as Russell landed heavier shots. The two men exchanged punches late in the round after Hernandez backed Russell into the corner.

The third round was another close one as Russell was able to answer Hernandez' pressure and constant punching with power shots. Russell continued to land power shots in the fourth round and that shifted the momentum in his favor. Hernandez was able to cover and block many shots, but he did not fire enough shots in return.

After four rounds all three judges scored the fight 40-36 in favor of Marco Russell who would claim the win by way of unanimous decision.

The professional portion of the nights bouts was opened when Oscar Herrera and Shawn Harwood stepped in to make their pro debut in a four round bout.

Herrera controlled the action early in the opening round by throwing body shots that caught Harwood. With Harwood moving to avoid the heavy shots, Herrera upped his pressure and stepped toward harwood and fired a hard shot that caught Harwood in the rib cage and dropped him to the canvas. To his credit, Harwood stood and continued, and he was perhaps tougher after the knockdown. Harwood had a decent second round as he was able to land shots, but Herrera was still the quicker and more accurate of the two men.

The pace slowed some in the third round. Harwood showed good footwork as he moved to create openings, and in so doing he threw his right often to keep Herrera at a distance. Herrera kept his focus on Harwood's body. In the fourth round Herrera shifted his focus to Harwood's head. Harwood was able to hold on, and answer when Herrera got close, but he could not match Herrera's relentless pace of punches.

After four rounds all three judges scored the fight 40-35, and Oscar Herrera would claim the win in his first outing as a professional.

With Harwood on the ropes, Herrera focused his attention to the body

Caldera (left) lands his left as Esquival returns

Lorenzo Caldera and Gerardo Esquivel finished the amateur portion of the show with a rough three round fight.

Caldera used his reach to keep Esquivel from coming forward early in the bout. Esquival made the necessary adjustments and moved in close late.

Caldera would claim the ABO belt behind a split decision win.

Much of the fight which pitted Julio Gamino against Kevin Evans was fought in close.

Early in the fight Gamino used his jab effectively, but Evans did not back away. Evans used effective body work as the fight progressed.

Evans would claim the ABO title with a split decision win.

Gamino lands his right

Gabriel ducks Meraz' right as he loads up his own right

Koa Gabriel and Alex Meraz are a couple of quick handed amateurs, and their talents were on display in the three round affair.

The agile fighters were evenly matched as both displayed skill as punchers and the ability to adjust to the other's style.

After three rounds Gabriel would claim the unanimous decision win and wear the championship belt.

The night began with Angel Martinez stepping in to face Pedro Torres in Amateur action.

The fight was made more interesting as Torres switched from fighting in a conventional stance to fighting as a southpaw.

Both fighters threw a lot of punches, and the difference came down to Martinez' body shots.

Martinez claimed the opening victory of the night with a unanimous decision victory.

Martinez (left) prepares to launch his right.

The Jackson Armory crowd was boisterous and involved in all of the fights. Fans filled the seats and lined the walls for the inaugural 2Pounds promotion.

It looks like boxing is going to be back on the schedule in Portland.