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September 21, 2013

Roy Englebrecht's Fight Club

Five of Tristan Todd's eight wins had come by way of the knockout. He may have thought that he could muscle and power his way to another when he stepped in to face Mike Gavronski. Todd's right hand is loaded with power. He is also quick and that enables him to take advantage of small openings. He did just that in the first round of the GBO championship fight when after Gavronski controlled much of the action, Todd landed a right hand that slowed Gavronski for a moment. It did not take long for Gavronski to recover, and in the second round he returned to shooting his jab and looking to land his own power shots.

The third round was a strong one for Gavronski as he was able to land a number of heavy shots to Todd's body and head. Todd stood in and fired back, but he was not able to answer often enough. Momentum shifted for a brief time to Todd's favor in the fourth. However, when he began to move in tight, Gavronski shot the jab and followed it with his right to make Todd back off.

Gavronski landed a heavy right to Todd's head early in the fifth, opening a cut under Todd's eye. While the blood flow was not serious, the cut did slow Todd's aggressiveness. The pace slowed a bit in the sixth round. Both men appeared tired. Todd tried to score with overhand rights when Gavronski lowered his hands.

The seventh round was not a lot different from the sixth except that neither man threw many jabs, looking instead to land a heavy handed right to end the fight. As the round came to a close, Gavronski found his quick feet again. He fired his jab and moved to avoid trouble. Gavronski appeared content to move about the ring in the eighth, staying just out of reach while collecting his win. Then Todd stepped to Gavronski and caught him with a right. That signalled the end. Govronski launched a full out assault to Todd's head and body, breaking him down. He dropped Todd, who rose to continue. Then Gavronski fired shot after shot at Todd's head. Todd could not answer and as he crumbled to the mat the referee stepped in to end the fight.

Gavronski scored the KO at 2:26 of the eighth. He would wear the Global Boxing Organization Super Middleweight Belt.

Todd used his quickness to fire a right to Gavronski's chin

Gavronski battered Todd forcing the referee to stop the fight

Both men tried to establish the jab, Martin's long reach was effective

Neither Charles Martin nor Vincent Thompson had tasted defeat in their pro career. Thompson, the local fighter, was the fan favorite; Martin, from California, would play the bad guy. An interesting side note for fans was that both men were left handed, and that seemed to add a wrinkle to strategy employed in the fight.

Both men tried to establish dominance behind a jab in the opening round. Both of them were successful in landing jabs, momentarily, and then they descended in to leaning on each other and holding. When they were in tight, Thompson had a slight advantage as he landed short punches to Martin's big body. Martin scored a knockdown at the end of the round, and with it captured the round. The second round was close as the men fought more at the end of their jab and did less leaning on each other.

Thompson had a good third round as he began to counter punch with more effectiveness. Martin matched that through with short uppercuts when the men stood close. Thompson's counter punches and movement frustrated Martin a bit in the fourth. martin was unable to land anything solid as Thompson slipped out of trouble.

Thompson, in the fifth, scored when he fought at the end of his reach, but he got in to trouble when he allowed Martin to move the fight in close. The fight did move in close in the sixth, and Thompson lost a point in the round for holding. Martin closed the round landing the heavier shots.

At the end of six, one judge scored the fight 60-52, the second scored it 59-53, and the third saw the fight 58-54, all in Martin's favor. He would remain unbeaten with the unanimous decision win.


Seeing Marquis Weston and Richard Ballard was like watching a mirror image. Both men were tall, threw quick jabs and heavy rights. Both men opened the fight throwing furious punches and hoping that one would land flush. Weston was the first one to break through. He knocked Ballard across the ring and into the ropes. There, Weston fired a few shots to Ballard's body, just enough to make him drop his hands a bit, then Weston landed the heavy artillery and pummeled Ballard to the head. Ballard was out after the second shot, and as his body went limp, the ropes held him up. The referee quickly called an end to the fight and stepped in to ease Ballard's limp frame to the mat. Weston scored the knockout win at 2:04 of the first round.

Weston slipped Ballarad's right

All Dahlberg needed was a jab

The difference in the four round bout pitting Eric Dahlberg against Justin Davis was that Dahlberg had experience as a boxer while Davis is more familiar in the cage. That showed early and often as Dahlberg fired his jab while Davis moved to try to avoid them, but rarely threw any punches of his own. By the second round Davis seemed to understand a bit more about the sport, and he did throw a few more punches. Dahlberg's jabbing paid off near the end of the round as he landed a few to Davis' chin.

The third round was much like the previous two except that at times Dahlberg threw his right behind the jab. When Davis did throw a punch, Dahlberg was able to slip out of range. Davis began the final round with a sense of urgency, throwing his right and trying to land to the lanky Dahlberg's body. A few well placed Dahlberg jabs put an end to Davis' offense, and the fight ended with Dahlberg's methodic jab.

All three judges scored the bout 40-36, and Dahlberg claimed the unanimous decision win.

Tim Puller is a name that fight fans in the Pacific Northwest remember, if they were following the sport at the turn of the century. Puller's last fight was in 2000, seven years before Yohan banks turned pro. Despite the difference in age, Puller, at 221 pounds looked as fit as he was in his prime. In fact, early in the opening round, when Puller dropped Banks with a left right combination, the crowd thought they were seeing the second coming of the Hebrew Hammer. Puller was in control of the round until the closing moments when Banks fired a right and caught Puller off balance to score a knockdown. Banks controlled the action in the second round as he moved Puller around the ring. Banks stunned Puller with another right hand when he pinned him on the ropes as the round wound to a close.

Banks continued his onslaught in the third, again catching Puller with a heavy right hand that sent Puller to the mat. Puller regained his feet, and he landed a big punch to Banks' head. That focused Banks' attention and when the bell sounded to end the round, Banks had Puller pinned on the ropes. Puller tried to change his focus and work Banks' body to open the fourth, so Banks went to work on Puller's head. With the round coming to an end, Banks backed Puller to the ropes and fired a volley of shots to Puller's body. Puller took the first few, then buckled and dropped to a knee. He stayed there until the referee reached ten. Banks would score the knockout win at 2:59 of the fourth.

Banks did damage with his left and his right
Team Gavronski celebrates the win

A happy Mike Gavronski holds the championship belt

The innovative Fight Club Shows have two ring card girls cary round numbers in each round as well as lead the fighters to their respective corner prior to the bout.