The Brawl at Harmony Hall III

February 25, 2017

PNW Promotions

The battle that pitted Jesse West and Marquis Weston had the looks of a classic battle between two men each with one loss looking to step up in the rankings. West was coming off a win against an unbeaten fighter, while Weston was looking to bounce back after a loss to a fighter with only one previous win.

In the opening round both men moved at arm's length from the other out of respect for the power each man possessed. Each man targeted the other man's body. West was the more aggressive of the two, and he gained an early edge in the fight. Weston had a better second round as he moved in close and was able to catch West to the body as West stepped forward. The round was evenly contested and towards the end of the round both men were able to land scoring shots to the body.

Weston continued to gain momentum in the third round. A minute in to the round he caught West with a body shot when West was stepping in, and that dropped West. He rose quickly, took the count and continued to fight, until he lost his mouthpiece. The referee briefly stopped the action to allow West to reinsert the mouthpiece. Weston controlled the action of the fight early in the fourth round. He caught West on the chin and again West lost his mouthpiece. West was slower to answer Weston's attack, and while not appearing tired, he did not have the same sting on his punches as those thrown earlier. When West again lost his mouthpiece, the referee took a point and then, as the referee signalled for the fight to continue, West took a knee and shook his head. The referee waved the fight to an end.

Weston scored the TKO win at 2:35 of the fourth round.

Early in the fight West effectively used his right

Weston was able to land his left in the fourth round

Vansiclen's right would bring the fight to an end

Richard Van Siclen had scored TKO wins in his previous two fights; Jose Galindo's record is even at one win and one loss, and he had gone the distance in each of those bouts.

Galindo answered the opening bell stepping towards Van Siclen and throwing shots at the lanky Van Siclen's body. While Van Siclen was able to move out of trouble, Galindo's assault made it more difficult for Van Siclen to find a rhythm. Once Van Siclen settled in, he was able to throw combinations that landed to Galindo's head and body. Galindo maintained an aggressive stance in the second round and he pressed Van Siclen while staying in the middle of the ring. As the round drew to an end, Van Siclen unleashed a series of uppercuts that landed to Galindo's chin.

The first half of the third round was close as each man was able to land punches. Galindo caught Van Siclen to the body, while Van Siclen targeted Galindo's head. Then at the midpoint of the round Galindo landed a hard right to Van Siclen's head. Van Siclen was rocked, but he answered by fighting more aggressively and knocking Galindo back to the corner as the round ended. Galindo had a strong fourth round as he kept the pressure on Van Siclen. Van Siclen slowed his assault and fought in spurts.

At the end of four rounds all three judges scored the fight 40-36 in favor of Van Siclen who would, with the unanimous decision, would remain unbeaten.

Ramel Snegur and Kevin Torres faced each other in the cards most exciting bout. Both men are early in their career, but both showed some solid boxing skill.

In the opening round both men showed they are disciplined and skilled. While Torres was the more aggressive and threw more punches, Snegur proved adept at answering with counter punches. Torres did a good job fighting in close and that kept Snegur from using his height and reach advantage. Torres controlled the action in the second round behind the jab. He fight in tight, and used his jab to set up his right. Snegur was able, at moments, to create some distance and in that he was able to use his long reach to score.

Torres continued to follow his left with right handed power shots in the third. He landed a few solid punches to Snegur's head midway through the round. As the round drew to an end, Snegur began to shoot his right hand at Torres' head and he was able to land and score. Snegur had his best round to close the fight in the fourth. Snegur dropped his attack to land to Torres' body. Torres answered by returning to solid combinations.

At the end of four rounds, one judge scored the bout 40-36 for Torres, the other two judges scored the fight even at 38. This bout would end in a majority draw.

Snegur (left) and Torres were able to score inside

Villalobos would dominate behind his right

Unbeaten Steven Villalobos faced Eric Cronkhite, making his pro debut, in a four round super welterweight bout. Villalobos scored a TKO win in his last appearance at Harmony Hall.

Villalobos was able to land solid punches early though Cronkhite answered with a good counter punch attack. Villalobos' body attack began to take a toll as a minute in to the round he dropped Cronkhite. Cronkhite rose and listened to the count, then he continued to fight. Villalobos jumped on Cronkhite, battering him back in to the corner where he landed a barrage of punches that landed on Cronkhite's body and head. The non stop assault, from which Cronkhite could not recover, forced the referee to step in to call an end to the fight.

Villalobos would score the TKO win at 2:25 of the opening round.

Jonathan Arias was fighting in his backyard in facing Alex Eastman who made the trip across the mountains from Ellensburg. Arias won in his last time out, scoring a knockout win over Brock Eastman, also from Ellensburg. Alex Eastman was on the wrong end of a TKO in his last outing.

The pace of the first round was slow as neither man threw a lot of punches. As the round drew to an end, Arias was able to step in close enough to land his right, and he scored behind it. Eastman had a good second round because he began to throw more punches. Eastman's punch rate kept Arias from getting close enough to score.

Arias scored a knockdown early in the third round after he landed a hard right hand to Eastman's body. The shot caught Eastman off balance, but still, he dropped as a result of a solid punch. Arias controlled much of the action in the remaining portion of the round as Eastman was unable to find a rhythm. Arias scored another knockdown early in the fourth round when Eastman crouched to avoid punches and Arias came over the top to drop him. After that Eastman mounted a furious attempt to land a big punch and score a knockout. Arias kept his distance and backed Eastman away behind a straight right.

At the end of four rounds one judge scored the fight 40-35, a second saw it 40-34 and the third scored the fight 38-37 all in favor of Jonathan Arias who would win the unanimous decision.

Arias scored a knockdown in the third round

Morales (right)outworked a tough Wheaton

Victor Morales made his Washington state debut, having fought in Oregon and California before making the trip north to face Christopher Wheaton a tough fighter from Seattle. Morales has not been beaten, scoring TKO wins in his last two outings while Wheaton has gone the distance in each of his fights but come up short in them.

Morales set the tone for the fight early in the opening round. He threw punches quicker and rarely did they come one at a time; he established that he would throw combinations. Wheaton stood in close and while he blocked some of the punches, many were able to score. In the latter half of the round Wheaton was able to land some scoring shots as he settled and fought under more control. Wheaton was able to land scoring shots in the early portions of the second round, but Morales was relentless in his punch output. Two minutes in to the round Morales scored a knockdown that again slowed Wheaton.

The doctor stepped in to the ring to check Wheaton before the start of the third round. After a minute or two and a few ringside tests, Wheaton was allowed o continue fighting. When the two men stepped to the center of the ring punches were flying furiously. Neither man seemed to be focussed on a particular target, they were just hoping that something big would land. Wheaton was unable to mount much of an offense in the final round while Morales kept up the pressure and threw combinations from a number of angles.

At the end of four rounds one judge scored the bout 40-35, another scored it 40-34, while the third saw it 40-33 all in favor of the unanimous decision winner Victor Morales.

Eduardo Torres stepped in to the ring to do battle with Brycen Vasques, a man making his pro debut. Torres fought on the last Harmony Hall card and suffered a TKO loss to a tough opponent. Against Vasques, Torres would show how well he could box.

Vasques controlled the action of the opening round behind quick punches thrown from angles that did not allow Torres to land many scoring shots. Torres weapon of choice was his left, and Vasques proved crafty in avoiding it. the second round was close as both men began to step in close and exchange body shots. Torres was gaining a slight edge when as the round drew to a close he landed a hard right to Vasques' body that knocked Vasques across the ring and in to the ropes. The referee determined that Vasques would have hit the canvas had the ropes not stopped him and so Torres scored the knockdown.

The third round was also close as both men threw a lot of punches though they were unable to connect with many of them. Vasques showed decent footwork in avoiding Torres assault. he slipped away from many of the Torres shots. The final round was packed with action, much of it a result of Torres keeping his gloves in Vasques' face. While Torres was targeting Vasques head, Vasques was focused on trying to slip punches and that slowed his output.

At the end of four rounds all three judges scored the bout 38-37 in favor of Eduardo Torres who would claim the unanimous decision win.

Torres (left) caught Vasquez with his left

Ferguson would end the fight with an assault on Davis' body

The four round affair pitting Patrick Ferguson against Justin Davis featured two men whose careers appear to be moving in opposite directions. Ferguson has yet to lose and Davis has yet to win. In his last two bouts Ferguson stepped in against seasoned veterans and won, so a fight with Davis was an opportunity to put to use the lessons learned in those fights.

The opening moments of the first round were slow as both men walked bout the ring looking for an opening. Davis struck first, throwing shots at Ferguson's body, but Fergus covered up and blocked them. Midway into the round Ferguson began to double his punches. A number of times he landed a right to Davis' body and followed that with a right to Davis' head. the accumulation of shots began to take a toll and Ferguson was knocking Davis around the ring. When Ferguson backed Davis into the corner and began to land shots to Davis' body and head, Davis could not answer. The referee stepped in and called an end to the fight at 1:59 of the first. Ferguson would remain unbeaten with the TKO victory.

The night opened with an exciting super middleweight bout in which Justin Chappell and John Peak were looking for their initial win.

Neither man showed much boxing discipline early in the round, choosing instead to walk about the ring looking for an angle of attack. Chappell struck first, and he threw more punches while looking to catch Peak stepping forward. At the midpoint of the round Chappell scored a knockdown when he landed a hard and solid right hand to Peak's body. Peak listened to the count, took a few deep breaths to clear the pain and rose to continue. Chappell, then sensing that he could bring the fight to a close, looked to end it with one punch, an overhand right. Peak however had a different idea, and after Chappell threw his right, Peak ducked, stepped to his left and threw a right hand that landed flush on Chappell's chin and dropped in hard to the canvas. There was not need to administer a count as the referee immediately waved the fight to an end.

Peak would score the knockout win at 1:59 of the first round.

Peak (left) would score the knockout win in the first round

Kimber and Rachel carried the ring cards

Rob Diezel jumped in with the ring card girls, he is scheduled to fight in June